The Self-Discipline Handbook: Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Discipline, Build Confidence and Obtain Your Goals

Curiosity is the New Vulnerability

"Curiosity is the New Vulnerability" is the title of a chapter in The Self-Discipline Handbook, and it has resonated with a wide cross-section of the population. The best thing about this new curiosity movement is that it applies to so many of us, as, of course, most movements do--we can all get swept up in vulnerability and looking within ourselves. Curiosity is an outward-focused, others-centric movement that appeals to young moms looking to raise their children to be curious global citizens, CEOs who need to harness the power of curiosity to stay ahead of the competition, and a "regular" person who wants to expand their life with courage. Get the book to learn more!

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY  Cleaning Products, Organizational Tips, and Household Hacks

Modern Organic Home Mantra

The Modern Organic Home Mantra serves as a guide for keeping home and heart happy, healthy, and as organic as possible! I don't want to ruin it for you, since it's a beautiful page at the back of the book. Get the book to learn more!

Happy Pretty Messy cover.jpg

Happy Pretty Messy: Cultivating Beauty and Bravery When Life Gets Tough

Happy Pretty Messy

Happy Pretty Messy is my version of joie de vivre, or the French "spirit of life"---that extra something some people seem to carry with them through life. It's also a lifestyle. Get the book to learn more!


What about Gifts in Jars?

The Gifts in Jars philosophy is simple: It is the joy of creating, and the joy of giving.

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