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Natalie Wise

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The Organic Country Home Handbook

This book is a softcover reprint of The Modern Organic Home

Home is a haven. Make it a happy one. Make it an organic one.

Are you curious about replacing your chemical-laden, harsh, toxic cleaners with simple, natural, non-toxic ingredients? Are you interested in making cleaning time "ME TIME"? That's what The Modern Organic Home/The Organic Country Home Handbook can teach you: How to clean your entire house with natural ingredients, and how you might actually WANT to clean, because it is pleasant, refreshing, and is aromatherapy!

Modern Lifestyle Philsophy

Happy Pretty Messy is my version of joie de vivre, or the French "spirit of life"---that extra something some people seem to carry with them through life. It's also a lifestyle, because we all know life can be happy, pretty, or MESSY. Not your house, though, because we have The Modern Organic Home to help with that! The Self-Discipline Handbook espouses the curiosity movement as the new "vulnerability" as the cultural buzzword and container for personal growth and business development. When you're curious about life, about yourself, about others, about the WHAT IFS, self-discipline can stick. What's inside you that can change the world? That thing you're thinking of right now but too afraid to say out loud...say it. You got this, so go get it. I'll help along the way.


I've been an author since before I could actually write; I would tug at my mom's waist asking her to write down stories about bunnies and stars. When I could write myself, I made dozens and dozens of small note-paper books of patterns, stories and poems, and set up shop in my bedroom, charging 5 cents per story. I still write about a lot of those same things, but somehow this time, they make their way to Barnes & Noble.

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"Let us then be up and doing...still achieving, still pursuing."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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